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Over the past 20 years, I've acquired a lot of knowledge about the software development process, and in 1996, set to formally organize this information. The result was the 1997 Developer’s Guide. Since DevGuide's introduction at the Microsoft DevCon in October of 1996, and two revisions, the 1999 Developer's Guide and The Software Developer's Guide, Third Edition (2001), thousands of developers around the world have availed themselves of this resource, finding no other comparable guide to the business of custom software development.

However, sometimes reading the book isn’t enough – a training seminar has many advantages, including the value in getting everyone at the company together to discuss issues of interest for an extended period of time.

I've taken “DevGuide” on the road, presenting a customized curriculum for a company at their site for their people – and can do the same for your shop. Not only can I, with the assistance of a couple of your key developers, put together a suite of topics tailored particularly for the needs of your company, but I’ll also facilitate discussion and organize a game plan for improving your software development process.

Typical Seminar Scenario

A typical DevGuide seminar runs two days and has the following format:

  • Thursday: Arrive late afternoon, dinner with the principals or key players at the company.

  • Friday: Full day seminar, comprised of lecture and participative discussion. 

  • Friday Evening: Leisurely dinner, often with many of the seminar attendees.

  • Saturday: Full day seminar – morning and early afternoon comprised of lecture and participative discussion; late afternoon devoted to identifying key areas in which improvement is needed, laying out goals those areas, and defining action steps (and the players responsible for those steps.) 

  • Saturday Evening: Recreational outing, often to events like Professional Wrassling Championships, Monster Truck Pulls, or Alternative Dance Clubs – depending on the makeup and inclination of the client - where, of course, business is discussed at great length.

  • Sunday Morning: Meeting with principals or key players for wrap up if desired. Depart noon/early afternoon.

This plan has worked well for past consulting clients but, of course, can be modified for your company’s particular needs.

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